Moscow is a rather expensive city, but we will show you places "for our own people", where you can eat tasty food that is inexpensive. You will get to try the legendary borscht, kvass, salad "Olivier", and other dishes of Russian cuisine. Feel like the children of Soviet streets!



Is easy to find regular russian food. We will go further on this tour... We will feed you with russian food in a cafe that has  the interior of a soviet apartment and the waiters are dressed as policemen and nurses. Your life will never be the same!



Art is not always locked wth in the wall of a museum. Art is all around us if you know where to look. You will see the street art left in moscow by famous artists from around the world, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the underground, and the  freedom to see hidden treasures.



Get to know the mysterious Russian soul! Go to the liquor-trekking in the hottest spots of Moscow! For 3.5 hours you will visit the former bomb shelter, see the bartenders in medical coats, and sing the best karaoke of the capital on the stage! You will remember this night for a long time!

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